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} Ellie’s story

Ellie’s story

Ellie,18, is a Green Leader at Green Patch, and spends her time here volunteering and taking part in the youth groups.

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} Tyler’s story

Tyler’s story

Tyler,17, feels he is accepted by the Green Patch team. He comes here to socialise and have fun.

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} Jess’s story

Jess’s story

Jess,18, has been coming to Green Patch for many years, and now she volunteers.

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} Kate and Paul’s story

Kate and Paul’s story

Piano teacher Kate Buckby, 62, and husband and former youth worker Paul Buckby, 59, are passionate volunteers at Green Patch and have been involved in the site for more than 20 years.

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} Nigel’s story

Nigel’s story

Nigel Bennett, 67, is Green Patch’s very own handy man, helping to work on cutting the grass and maintaining the polytunnel structures. If Nigel isn’t looking after the sunflowers, you’ll probably find him dressed up as one!

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} Sue and Helen’s story

Sue and Helen’s story

Sue Crick, 74, and Helen Bell, 77, discovered Green Patch during lockdown, attending one of the outdoor yoga classes. The two friends have since become volunteers, and one of their highlights is the wellbeing walks along the brook behind Green Patch.

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} Louise’s story

Louise’s story

Louise Oliver, 59, brings her grandson Seth, 3, to Green Patch so he views everyone as an equal. Seth gets to socialise with people of all ages and backgrounds and doesn’t judge anyone as different.

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} Merle’s story

Merle’s story

Merle Tshiamalenge, 86, is one of Green Patch’s longest serving and most loyal volunteers. She has seen the space’s full transformation, from one polytunnel utilised for everything from meetings to planting, to now a fully functioning community space.

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} Jav and Ryan’s story

Jav and Ryan’s story

A friendship blossomed between Jav,16, and Ryan,17, at Green Patch. Now, they both volunteer.

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} Lucy’s story

Lucy’s story

Lucy Oliver-Carton, 80, comes to Green Patch for a sense of tranquillity she can’t get anywhere else. Lucy describes Green Patch as ‘undemanding and gorgeous’ and enjoys being at one with nature in the little pocket of peace that is Green Patch.

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} Andrew and David’s story

Andrew and David’s story

Brothers Andrew, 59, and David, 62, who live together in sheltered accommodation in Kettering, volunteer at Green Patch twice a week.

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} Soraya’s story

Soraya’s story

Soraya Osler, 32, has been bringing her two-year-old son Jasper to Green Patch since he was 10-months-old. Green Patch is vital to Soraya and Jaspar, who enjoy watering the plants and attending the free Monday toddler group.

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} #CelebratingGreen Patch campaign

#CelebratingGreen Patch campaign

To celebrate and to help attract even more visitors, volunteers and supporters, Groundwork Northamptonshire – the organisation which manages Green Patch – has unveiled a new #CelebratingGreenPatch campaign

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