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The Green Patch

The Green Patch grows people

The Green Patch is a large community garden project nestled in the heart of England, hosting volunteer days, children's clubs, education sessions and family events. We are proud winners of the Greenflag award.
Down at the patch you may find...

Ducks, Chickens, Rabbits and...a Cat

There's a lot of love down at the patch. Come and pat a cat, chat with a chick and other assorted company.

Friends and community

We are open to the public between 10-2pm Tuesday and Thursdays. Come down and volunteer in our gardens or do a workshop!

Find us

Harmony garden and safe spaces

The Green Patch is a safe space where you can get away from things for a while.

Grass paddock and free play areas

Free range in our free range with the free rangers.

Wildlife and ponds

We are passionate about giving wildlife a home and are endeavouring to develop our wildlife orchards to be an ecological haven.

Beehives and bee friendly garden

We're nuts about bees at the Green Patch, and have honey bee hives and a beautiful bee garden. We are proud winners of the Bee's Needs Award.

Veg boxes

Yuuuuuuuummmmmm. Locally grown chemical free fresh vegetables and fruits proudly grown in our own poly tunnels and fields.


Our poly tunnels are our pride and joy and where much of the fresh produce in our veg boxes come from.

An award winning community project

We are proud winners of the Green Flag Community Award.

A lot happened in 2022 at the Green Patch.
Posted below is our half yearly review for 2022.

Green Patch Summer/Autumn Review 2022