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Grey (Green Patch Site Manager)

71 weeks ago

Putting in the last bed for the community garden...and our beautiful new Summerhouse in the background

Thought it was about time we provided a way to keep you up with the latest - so here it is - the Green Patch blog......though we call it "Latest" because blogging is sooooo 2003.

Winter Site Projects 2021
The start 2021 has seen the end of a difficult Winter with Covid-19, but an exciting time at the Green Patch. We've been beavering away on quite a few projects.

Community garden
We recently finished installing a new community garden - many thanks to our volunteers for that - and we're now planting our new seeds for the coming growing season. Soon it should be looking very full and busting with flowers and fresh veg for our volunteers and veg box scheme.

Water capture
We've also installed a new water tank stands for some ICB water tanks next to our cabin. We're trying to improve our water capture and management at the Green Patch to make us a more eco-friendly site. Capturing water that's falling out of the sky onto the Patch is a great way of doing that. That means less pumping from some distant reservoir to water our vegetables and trees as we can do a lot of that with what we have!

Another big Winter project has been building a bio-filter for our duck pond. Hopefully soon we'll be filtering the pond 24/7 and that should mean better conditions for our ducks and a much lovelier pond.

We have a lovely new Summerhouse and are decking it out with a deck (pun intended), and all sorts. This is great for our service sessions and creates a great secluded quiet retreat at the far end of the Patch when you need to get away from it all.

Don't forget, we're open to the public every Tuesday and Thursday 10am-3pm, so come down and see for yourself!

Our new water stank stand

A new bio-filter - it'll probably work...eventually....